Shandong Dezhou Fully-Cooked Whole Chicken

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Shandong Dezhou Fully-Cooked Whole Chicken
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Reviews (224)
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I bought the Texas Braised Chicken for the first time last week. It tastes good and I will buy it again.
风光无限好 ⛳️
It’s great to eat the taste of hometown, happy, back
I bought a lonely for $14 and I ripped it apart. The meat is just torn and the salad is a little bit salty.
Shandong Dezhou Braised Chicken Tastes Good
I tore them apart and ate them to find that the two most precious wings and two legs were missing, only one chicken wing!
Very fragrant, like the taste that I had eaten when I was a child.
Looking at the comments, everyone said that the little me seems okay. The taste is a bit salty, but there are a lot of hairs on the skin, all of which are big and long. So hairy
it is nice that it is super convienent, just microwave. the chicken is cooked with flavors and the meat comes right off the bones. i just dont really like the flavor and it is a little salty to my taste
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Ingredients: Whole chicken, salt, ginger, dried aniseed, dried cinnamon, dried sliced licorice, dried fennel, dried sichuan pepper, dried cloves, dried ginger flake, dried angelica root, nutmeg, bay leaves, maltose, soybean oil, nisin preparation (to preserve freshness).

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated.

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