Shirakiku Black Shirataki Noodles 14 oz

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Shirakiku Black Shirataki Noodles 14 oz
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Reviews (31)
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It's a bit crunchy and has a good low-calorie taste. The only thing is that there is a taste when it is not cooked.
The holy product for weight loss can just be the addiction of wanting to eat noodles
I heard that it’s delicious but not fat, so I must try it
delicious. Not getting fat yet. Make hot and sour next time!
I bought it for the first time and wanted to see the difference between it and white konjac silk.
Low-carbon foods taste like vermicelli, and they are also very good when cooked: After the water has been drained, it can be added directly to the soup or fried.
Gloria W.
Low calorie. It just tastes like when you open it, but the ready-to-eat konjac is basically the same. I rinse it twice with hot water, then stir-fry or put it in the soup, and it’s fine.
Make sukiyaki weight loss holy product directly Zhan Yuzu soy sauce is also delicious
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14 oz