Sliced Beef Plate 1.5 lb

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Sliced Beef Plate 1.5 lb
Super Slim 1.5mm
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The fat cow is a bit broken, the box is big, it's about half a box, so let's repurchase at a discount
Si Si Hm
Surprisingly sealed well. Not much fat in it compared to most.
Great value
A big box, baked in an air fryer is super fragrant and delicious!
The bottom is all minced meat, only the top layer of meat is considered complete, you get what you pay for
I feel very satisfied when I see it. A lot of quality is also a fat cow.
Very good hot pot, delicious and delicious
?KIKI LaLa ?
First time purchase, hope it's delicious
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United States
Unit Qty:
1.5 lb

A sliced beef plate sounds glorious. Hands down. This beef is already sliced for you, super slim at 1.5mm. You’re already ahead and you haven’t even started sautéing, marinating, or doing your hotpot magic. The options are limitless. A good problem to have.