Snake River Farms Ground Kurobuta Pork 5 lb

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Snake River Farms Ground Kurobuta Pork 5 lb
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Reviews (5)
Thaw slightly, cut into large pieces, store in bags, and eat in batches. The meat is finely minced and the taste is very good. The whole family loved the wonton this time.
When I received it, I found a five-pound large package, like a frozen brick!! It is recommended that the seller consider breaking it for the convenience of customers, and divide it into small packages first.
Looks thinner than another 25% fat black hunting ground meat. There is no nutrition label, and it is not certain. good quality. It is to cut the trouble of sub-packaging.
The meat fillings this time were very good. I bought wagyu beef fillings immediately and made beef dumplings and lamb dumplings next week.
It’s really super big, I like SRF things very much, it should be good
United States
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5 lb

Snake River Farms Ground Kurobuta Pork