Spicy Cooked Clams 18 oz

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Spicy Cooked Clams 18 oz
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Reviews (218)
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not bad! Very recommended~ It's very convenient to make!
The clams are big and full, and they happened to be fried with the remaining shrimp from yesterday. They are really fragrant and spicy, so enjoyable! You can stock up a few packages at home and make a quick dish!
It's spicy and refreshing! quick worker! Don't miss it if you love spicy food! Repurchased many times!
The more spicy the better! Really like! Very convenient~ The clams are also very clean!
Not bad, the clams are fresh without sand, but full of spicy.
The sauce in the material bag is very spicy. I always strain the juice out, rinse the clams a little bit, then cook the clams with garlic and chili, add some soy sauce/fish sauce/salt/sugar/white vinegar, and then add cornstarch water to make the juice thick It is thicker, add some coriander and white sesame seeds after the pan, perfect:) The clams still have their own spicy sauce, which is delicious.
It is said that it tastes good, but the one I bought is very, very spicy! Pour out the excess soup, add puffa melon and vermicelli and cook it into soup—all bought by Weee. It is still spicy. Pour out some of the soup and dilute it with water. Repeat twice, and finally I can eat it. For people who can usually eat small spicy, this may be necessary.
It tastes good, I like it, there is no sand
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18 oz

Spicy Cooked Clams

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