Spring Home Roti Paratha, Onion 325 g

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Spring Home Roti Paratha, Onion 325 g
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Reviews (41)
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I've tasted a few flavors, and they're crispy
Convenient and cheap, tastes good, will repurchase
There is no Jay Chou's oil, but it is still very fluffy
It may be a problem with my taste. The chives are really salty and unpalatable. And it is very difficult to fry the chicken in a sticky pan. I tried to fry two and gave up. At this time, you may think it is my technical problem. But I am At that time, I immediately fried the plain flavor in the same pan. The shape is very good and there is no failure at all. And the taste is also good. So I recommend his plain flavor.
Onion-flavored Indian pancakes can be eaten as soon as they are fried, which is convenient and delicious
This pancake is delicious, the taste of butter is very fragrant, and will be repurchased.
It is said to be onion, but in fact it seems to be green onions. I personally like this
I bought the original one before, but this time I bought the green onion. The original flavor is very good for frying, this flavor has been sticking to the pan, and then put a lot of oil, like fried cakes, it won’t stick to the pan.
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United States
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325 g

Spring Home Roti Paratha, Onion