Stem and Leaf Mandarin 4 lb

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Stem and Leaf Mandarin 4 lb
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Reviews (48)
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Oranges are big, full of water, moderately sweet and sour, I like them
The oranges were still fresh, but not too sweet. Although I like the feeling with a little leaf, but the leaves are a little too much.
Very fresh oranges. The skin is thin and easy to peel, sweet and delicious. Kids love it! recommend!
This time I bought two super sweet and fresh, and I will add three more for two weeks to send. I hope the next batch will be as sweet. There are only a few left in a day.
Fresh but sour. More sour than California navel oranges.
very fresh but not particularly sweet
The oranges are fresh but the leaves are too many
I have been repurchasing this tangerine with branches, but this time I changed the variety. The skin is very thick and difficult to peel. It is a mixture of oranges and tangerines. Fortunately, it is full of water and sweet.
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United States
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4 lb

Stem and Leaf Mandarin in Clamshell 4lb

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