Strawberries 1 lb

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Strawberries 1 lb
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Not too fresh, a bit dark, very sour and sour, see if you can make some strawberry milkshake
Came across "fresh" strawberries. It really depends on luck, the last time I bought it was very good.
It has a strawberry scent, soft but not hard, with higher acidity than sweetness.
Very fresh, basically all red
Strawberries are very fresh, and now is the time when strawberries are delicious, adults and children love them.
Received a bit of juice at the bottom, fairly fresh
Strawberry Chaomei bought it twice and was very satisfied with the repurchase repurchase!
Make your own strawberry jam, it's delicious, delicious, continue to buy and buy
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United States
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1 lb

Reminder: Different batches may have different packaging.

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended. 

In life, you have to stop and smell the strawberries. Who can resist a handful of those red, juicy, and sweet fruits? The perfect snack, dessert, and happy place packaged for you. 


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