Strawberries 1 lb

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Strawberries 1 lb
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It’s fresh, it’s better if it’s organic
The strawberry taste very good, big and juicy! But they very often put the box under the other heavy vegetables so it made the box of strawberry get damage then we have to eat the strawberry right away! So that’s why I never buy more than one box
Kelly 2
Fresh strawberries, hope it’s sweet, buy babes
I bought it many times, beautiful and delicious
Fresh but not sweet and juicy
Very fresh small box of red strawberries
Pay attention to packaging in the future. Fruits like berries will vomit blood if you toss and press them.
Strawberries that look very fresh.
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United States
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1 lb

Reminder: Different batches may have different packaging.

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended. 

In life, you have to stop and smell the strawberries. Who can resist a handful of those red, juicy, and sweet fruits? The perfect snack, dessert, and happy place packaged for you. 


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