Sugar & Spice Persimmon 2 lb

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Sugar & Spice Persimmon 2 lb
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Reviews (21)
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The size of the persimmons is quite different, and the sweetness is also different
Kitty Lin
There is sweetness. But not rich and crisp
This persimmon is more expensive, but it is quite delicious. I just don't know why some have purple spots.
Persimmons are peach-shaped. They are different from North American oblate persimmons. They have different shapes and taste. The sweetness is a little bit different. The price is similar to oblate persimmons.
Wendy Liu
I bought it for the second time. The first time I bought it was very beautiful and large, but the quality was not ideal this time!
r r ma
The name sounds nice, but it’s actually not as good as Dahua’s 0.99-pound rich friend, which has significantly less water.
Mochi Mochi
I thought from the shape that these were hachiya and I had to wait for them to be very soft before eating. Nope, you can just eat them! They’re partway between fuyu and hachiya.
c c
The persimmon is quite soft to the touch, but it is still a bit astringent after eating~
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United States
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2 lb

Autumn is the perect time for sugar and spice and all things nice!

It is high Brix, with unique notes of fall baking spices and a touch of vanilla. Its texture is similar to a crunchy Fuyu. A creamier texture occurs when additional ripening happens at home, much like an avocado’s transitional ripening process.

Sugar & Spice Persimmon

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