Taiwan Mini Snow Biscuit, Frozen 100 g

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Taiwan Mini Snow Biscuit, Frozen 100 g
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Reviews (6)
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The milk has a lot of scent and tastes good
There are two flavors and a total of four pieces, I hope it's good
It's not too sweet, it's a bit sweet and salty, the dried fruit inside is a bit sour and sour, is it okay...
The picture is beautifully drawn, it's not worth the price at all, it's a bit of a pit, but it's not worth a penny to buy it for a penny, and it's too unpalatable
It's delicious, but the quantity is too small. Is it the same quantity to sell?
not so good. It says Jianan specialty, not Taiwan. Because it was bought at a special price by Minato. Will not repurchase.
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United States
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100 g

Taiwan Mini Snow Biscuit, Frozen