Taiwan Style Sticky Rice Sausage FZ 1 lb

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Taiwan Style Sticky Rice Sausage FZ 1 lb
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too frightening! When you bite it down, you will get a strong stench of large intestines. The casings are so poorly processed, they are not the taste of Taiwanese glutinous rice intestines at all! I don’t know how the other good reviews come from? Is it covered by sweet and spicy sauce?
I bought it for the first time, I hope it's delicious
Eli Cha
Really delicious. Steam for 10min
The taste is great, just the glutinous rice sausage in the night market! It's just smaller than the normal ones, and there are two others that seem to be cut by the waist instead of tightly tightening the casing. If the rice is boiled in water, it will leak out. Roasted with chicken sausage and garlic is a large intestine wrapped in small intestine. The calorie and fat content is very high.
Take it out of the freezer, steam it and fry it a little bit, it’s super awesome!
It's really delicious, no wonder it's often sold out. I see that many orders are steamed first and then fried. Of course, I have to try it. Sure enough, it has the same effect as a restaurant. Must repurchase!
Eli Cha
Looking forward to this product! Looks good
Maggie Yeh
It's delicious and Taiwanese, if the price is more beautiful, it would be better
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1 lb

Taiwan Style Sticky Rice Sausage, 1 lb