Taiwanese Barley Tea 960 ml

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Taiwanese Barley Tea 960 ml
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Reviews (15)
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Kun Li
It tastes good, I bought it many times
Bought this based off reviews. Tastes good at first sip. I added a pack of Trulia stevia sugar pack to give it a bit of sweetness. Low calories and 7g of sugar per 8oz. Quickly became my favorite non-tea "tea". Cannot wait to restock!
Kit Wang
I bought it for the first time, I hope it tastes good
I always thought it was sugar-free. Today I opened the drink and found not only sugar, but also a lot of sweetness. I hope Weee can make a note and it will be better.
I like wheat brewed better less sweet
Adds ice and enjoy
Sugared barley tea, just fine without sugar
Delicious, slightly sweet, even better without sugar
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960 ml

Taiwanese Barley Tea

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