Tao Cooked Salted Edamame, Frozen 14 oz

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Tao Cooked Salted Edamame, Frozen 14 oz
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Reviews (385)
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Buying these for my daughter, she loves Edamame.
Very sweet and tender, salted edamame is the best
Boil water for three minutes, then sprinkle a little season salt, it is a delicious dish!
Edamame is good sometimes
Boil for three minutes, convenient and delicious!
Convenient, good taste, healthy, and will repurchase.
Quick from freezer to ready-to-eat. Convenient to have in the freezer for a healthy snack. Follow directions to boil because a grimy film always floats to the top and onto the stirring spoon (hard to see it in the photo but you can see the layer on the side of the pot). I rinse a couple of times in cold water after boiling and they're perfect temperature for my mom, who likes to snack on them while she watches her K-dramas.
Add pepper and chili aniseed and cook with salt, it's delicious
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14 oz

Ingredients: Soybeans.

Looking like a snack. Literally. This Tao bag of cooked and salted edamame beans are actually immature soy beans encased in pods. Remove them from their shells, and enjoy by themselves with an extra sprinkle of salt or any of your favorite seasonings. 

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