Thin Beef Slices, Frozen 1 lb

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Thin Beef Slices, Frozen 1 lb
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Hot pot with beef, boiled meat is delicious
Great price for hot pot beef
I bought it for the second time. When I came here, the sliced meat was slightly loose, but it was okay for the shabu-shabu. It was not very fat. After a while, the meat will get old. I will buy it again next time. Try other methods.
Laura 陈
Bought a few times, the quality is fresh
The flesh is very beautiful in color, and the slices are also very good. Add some onion and stir-fry, which is also very delicious!
Choco -Cupertino
The hot pot beef slices are of very good quality, and the sauerkraut vermicelli soup is a perfect match.
It is used for home edging stoves.
Maggie Yeh
Delicious hot pot meat slices, repurchased many times
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United States
Unit Qty:
1 lb

Storage conditions: Keep frozen. 

High-quality beef, all for you. These thin slices are rarely found in your supermarket--and convenience is everything. It's here. It's bright red and fresh. And it's ready to go.