Tofu Skin 200 g

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Tofu Skin 200 g
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Will make vegetarian chicken with this bean curd skin
The best tofu skin product that I ever tried in US. Follow the instruction to soak the skin in water over night and boiled in water. So soft and no strange smell at all. Will buy again.
I harvested another box and received it in three days. Satisfied, thank you 😀
This kind of bean curd is very thin, suitable for hot pot and delicious.
This tofu skin is dry, why do we need to refrigerate it?
་smiling ི🧸 ྀ
Hot pot is ok. Not much
I bought it in the summer and kept it in the refrigerator until I took it out today. When I opened a strong alcohol smell, I thought it was broken, but after seeing the expiration date, I realized that the product description has friendly reminders that there will be alcohol smell. Although it is edible alcohol, it is still difficult to accept the smell. I soaked it twice in boiling water, washed it with water, and put a lot of minced garlic, but it still can't cover the strange smell of alcohol. I put chili sauce again, no way, that taste Just can't go away. If it has a high liquor taste, it is acceptable, but this taste is really strange, you must buy it carefully, if you really care.
I bought it for a long time, and I only ate it today. When I opened the bag, there was a smell of alcohol mixed with chemicals. I thought it was bad after I left it for too long. Later, I read the explanation and found that it already contains edible alcohol. There is still a faint taste, and I won't buy it again.
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Tofu Skin