Tropikiwis 1 lb

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Tropikiwis 1 lb
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Reviews (178)
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It looks good quality, but I'm afraid it will be sour, I haven't eaten it yet
The received yellow heart kiwifruit is fresh and hard but not soft, and I look forward to eating it soon.
The kiwi is smaller than expected, hope it tastes good
The best kiwi! Better than New Zealand golden kiwi!
It's small, but it's sour and sweet
The kiwi is so small, it tastes good, sweet and sour
It was very small, there were soft and hard when I came, and I immediately ate a soft, very sweet
The comment said that this kiwi fruit is very sweet, so I bought it at a spike and tried it, but when it was delivered, the fruit was so hard that I could eat it for a few days after being oversized.
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United States
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1 lb

Tropikiwi is a spiffy brand of kiwi. It has a smooth outside and a succulent greenish-gold inside. Also called the "Chinese Gooseberry," it happens to be more tropical and sweet than tangy. One sweet bite takes you to the China shores of its origin.




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