Tseng Noodles, Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor 4pk 464 g

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Tseng Noodles, Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor 4pk 464 g
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Reviews (104)
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Very good instant noodles, the first time I bought it, the spicy oil is a bit too spicy.
Jia Hui
Very delicious 😌 chewy noodles, fragrant scallion oil and numbing chili oil make a perfect combi! Add in century eggs ordered from weee as well 👍
The repurchase was out of stock before, although it's a bit expensive, but the noodles are really good 👍
Joan Huang
I have eaten all kinds of dry noodle brands and flavors, but Zeng noodles with chives and peppers are the best. Children love it without adding spicy oil.
The favorite of Zeng's noodle products is the chives and peppers! It’s really fun to be able to eat in the United States^_^ Let’s eat the original flavor without adding spicy oil, haha! Two kinds of satisfaction! !
The must-have instant noodles at home, with chopped green onion and garlic, poached egg, and Q-bomb taste, it is delicious!
Ying Ma
I have always wanted to make a pilgrimage, and I came across a discount, not to be missed
Nat H
untested. Buy it for the first time, eat it
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Unit Qty:
464 g
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.


  • Noodles: wheat flour, water, salt
  • Scallion sauce: soy sauce (water, salt, sugar, flavoring agents (monosodium L-Glutamate, sodium 5'-Inosinate, sodium 5'-Guanylate), Colorant (caramel colors), sweeteners (acesulfame potassium)), scallion oil (soybean oil, shallot flavor (palm oil, flavoring substances, lecithins (soya)), antioxidants (mixed tocopherols concentrate, soybean oil)
  • Spicy sichuan pepper oil: soybean oil, sichuan pepper seasoning oil (sichuan pepper flavor, canola oil), capsicum oil (sunflower oil, sorbitan fatty acid ester, capsicum extract), antioxidants (mixed tocopherols concentrate), soybean oil)

Allergens: contains soybean & wheat.

Within the entertainment industry, everyone knows Mr. Tseng loves noodles! He has tasted all kinds of noodles during the 25 years working as an actor and host of an multi-award winning food TV show in Taiwan. 

His goal was to make a noodle dish that truly met his expectations and, after several years, he's finally created one: Tseng's noodles. Tseng was involved every aspect in the creation of the noodles from its ingredients down to the taste.


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