Tsujiri Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bars 4pk 320 g

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Tsujiri Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bars 4pk 320 g
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Arrived melted…every single piece is melted completely
The taste is good, the sweetness is not high but not bitter, the pearls are still very Q~ There are a few of them that have been melted and deformed, so it is not easy to take, other than that, there is no problem~ ps: This is a purchase of at least two boxes, please pay attention when ordering
It’s delicious - the matcha flavor is very strong and the boba is soft and chewy. Bought it at a discount but it’s worth full price
It tastes good (but I prefer brown sugar) accidentally melted
The half price is particularly cost-effective, not too sweet, with a lot of pearls, very delicious
I just took it out today, it’s all soft, it’s melted when opened, and I’m afraid to buy ice cream from Weee in the future.
This ice cream is quite delicious and will continue to repurchase
I bought it at a big discount and tried it out. It has a super strong matcha flavor, and green tea lovers will definitely love it! It's a pity that the pearls are a bit too chewy, and the teeth are not strong enough. Don't buy them.
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320 g

Tsujiri Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bars 4pk