Twin Marquis Dumpling Wrapper, Northern Style 16 oz

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Twin Marquis Dumpling Wrapper, Northern Style 16 oz
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Reviews (13)
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The skin of this dumpling is relatively thick, and the sides must be dipped in water to pinch it tightly, but it tastes very chewy and won’t be bad when cooked.
A pack of 32 slices, larger and thicker than Shanghai dumplings
I bought 3 packs at a discount. I like the thick dumpling wrappers in the north. You can also make them into the dough wrappers for roast duck.
The whole box was deformed, one side of the box was squashed, and traces of suspected fingerprints were clearly seen, which seemed to have been pinched hard. How to interpret this?
Take it out of the refrigerator one night in advance to restore it to room temperature. Roll the edges in warm water before wrapping, so that it is easy to wrap. I have been using the real dumpling wrapper for many years. It is not easy to pack, but it is easy to cook, has a strong taste and has the aroma of pasta. I will buy it back.
The skin is thicker than Shanghai, more difficult to wrap, and the edges are not sticky, but the taste is good.
I bought northern dumpling wrappers and watched the video to practice and learn how to make northern dumplings
It is convenient to use dumpling wrappers for siu mai. I bought two types of dumpling wrappers, the thicker one in the north and the thinner one in Shanghai. The difference is actually not that big.
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United States
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16 oz
Twin Maquis
Wheat (Gluten).

Twin Marquis Dumpling Wrapper, Northern Style