Twin Marquis Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodle 16 oz

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Twin Marquis Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodle 16 oz
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Husband said it was delicious. It is rare to have such delicious fried noodles at home. I will continue to repurchase. Thank you weee. It makes shopping easy for me. Hope you guys get better and better👍👍👍👍
The noodles this time seem to be a little different from the previous ones?
Good price, cheaper than Korean supermarkets, use it for 海鮮炒麵, yum 😋
Cooked fried noodles are still vacuum-packaged when they are delivered to the home. The ones bought in supermarkets are not vacuum-packaged anymore. feels good!
Very big portion. Can fill up 2 people for 2 meals
It's delicious when you order and take it, and it will be kept in the refrigerator for a long time.
This noodles was great for the seafood pan fried noodle dish. I used the squid and shrimps with the vegetable I bought from Weee.
It was made into Japanese yakisoba and it was very delicious. All added are bought by weee. Harbin Red Intestine, Pleurotus eryngii, broccoli, green vegetables, dried fragrant etc. I added yakisoba sauce and dripped two drops of fire 🔥 chicken sauce.
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16 oz
Twin Maquis

Twin Marquis Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodle