Cut Beltfish, Frozen 1 lb

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Cut Beltfish, Frozen 1 lb
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Reviews (22)
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Buy carefully, it’s not fresh, the taste is bitter, and finally it’s all poured out, it’s not eaten at all.
It's not fresh, it should be broken when it is processed. The surface of the fish is yellow and yellow, so I don't dare to eat it for fear of poisoning.
I bought it for the first time, without frying, just steam it. The meat is tender and delicious.
Not bad, thick flesh, shiny skin
I bought it at a special price and tried it. The price and quality are quite reasonable.
风光无限好 ⛳️
The hairtail is not very fresh, but it's ok if it's dry fried
Jane Guan
The first time I bought it, it was quite fresh, and the braised sauce was very delicious. Will definitely repurchase again!
✨ YS✨
I bought it for the first time, it was a bargain at a special price, I hope it’s delicious
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1 lb

Cut Beltfish, Frozen