Ume House Dried Honey Plums 80 g

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Ume House Dried Honey Plums 80 g
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Reviews (13)
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Plum cakes I liked very much when I was in China, I am very happy to be able to buy them here
This honey plum cake is better than other flavors. like.
It tastes good
It looks good and I look forward to using it.
The honey-flavored plum cake is delicious in a small one, sweet and only a little sour, and it is easy to be packaged separately.
The packaging design is simple and refreshing, but the individual packaging of each small piece does not feel very necessary. It is a bit of an increase in the visual effect. In fact, the quantity of a bag is very small. The taste is okay, but the taste is too soft and not chewy, and the price is high, so I won't buy it again.
Sweet and sour, but slightly astringent, and the taste of food additives preservatives is relatively heavy.
This one tastes better than tangerine peel. Although it is still salty and sour, it is soft and sweet. It is also a good hand for producing body fluids and relieving coughs, but after returning to the sweetness, you will find that the root of the tongue is sweet, the kind of sweetness after eating sugar substitutes. Anyway, I don’t like it.
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Unit Qty:
80 g

商品详情 - 【国货优选】小梅屋 蜂蜜味梅饼 80g - image 1商品详情 - 【国货优选】小梅屋 蜂蜜味梅饼 80g - image 3商品详情 - 【国货优选】小梅屋 蜂蜜味梅饼 80g - image 4

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