Uni Bread Pineapple Bun 80 g

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Uni Bread Pineapple Bun 80 g
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Reviews (11)
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I bought it for a tasting, but I didn’t lose it
Not bad 👍, it is the delicious pineapple bread that you can eat right now.
Meow Nini
When you just received the goods, immediately use a small oven to heat it up and have a look. Unfortunately, the taste does not taste like a bakery, and it feels less 😅☺️.
Haven't tried yet but its bread what can be wrong with bread lol
I bought two, and I sent one of the larger and the smaller. It’s better to reheat it.
It’s a bit dry, so maybe it’s better if you heat it up
The bread I bought at weee has hardly disappointed me. This is dry and hard, so I won’t buy it again.
It was a little bit squashed when it was delivered. But the most important thing is that this taste seems to be different from the bakery. A little disappointed.
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United States
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80 g

Uni Bread Pineapple Bun