Uni-President Milk Tea 6pk 1800 ml

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Uni-President Milk Tea 6pk 1800 ml
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Reviews (27)
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So disappointed, why is this so bad now? The milk taste becomes so weak, it tastes bad, it still tastes like my childhood!!
Home-style beverages can’t be returned to home-based beverages to be homesick
I don’t know if it’s been a long time since I drank this. It feels different from the taste in my memory... Maybe I buy it occasionally, but I won’t repurchase it in particular.
Maixiang milk tea is my favorite when I was young ❤️
I miss the middle school drinking every day after school
Repurchase this for the second time, it tastes good, but because of the sugar and antioxidants, it’s better to drink it occasionally to relieve gluttons
My childhood favorite! Fun fact — it doesn’t taste the same if you pour it in a glass.
Helen Hsin Liao
It's delicious! The taste in memory has not changed at all. The sweetness after adding ice is just right. It's too hot lately. Drink a cup to cool off the heat.
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1800 ml
Uni-President Milk Tea 6pk

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