Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye, Frozen 1 lb

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Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye, Frozen 1 lb
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Reviews (34)
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The beef slices bought for shabu-shabu were frozen into a pile
Exclamation mark of original price/performance ratio ❕ expensive. The meat is ok, spicy shabu-shabu is very enjoyable. I bought it at a super special price of $11.49. Daweiwang is not enough to eat, haha, I don’t know if it’s because of the spicy pot, it doesn’t feel like wagyu.
I bought it from the reviews, the color has changed a bit, and the hot pot on the weekend!
It's okay, but it's used for soaking up the tenderness, and it has been repurchased.
Yes, I like sukiyaki or tofu with mixed mushrooms
Manda Hua
Tender and thin-cut. The fatty strips throughout break away easily as you eat so it's not a problem. This takes on the flavor of your soup or sauce well.
Repurchased many times, the beef is fragrant and the snowflakes are also good.
Very disappointed, it's not the meat slices or the minced meat that can't be separated at all. And it's very thin, dry and woody, so it's not recommended at all. Next time I will buy fat cows.
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United States
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1 lb

Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye, Frozen

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