Wagyu Denver Steak 6 oz

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Wagyu Denver Steak 6 oz
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Reviews (21)
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Very good steak, good taste, prepared with the side dishes, the meat is small but the whole is just right.
I don’t have any beef anymore
It was delicious! The special price is very cost-effective, and the sealed package is also very good, this time there is no blood leakage
Xiaoyu Liu
So small, only palms long
Linan Yao
Too tender, it won’t grow old after a long time of frying
J Chen?
This Wagyu beef is really amazing, so tender and delicious
super tender! will def re-purchase again!
Jennifer Liang
I fry the steak and cut it into slices. I wanted to make a rice bowl. After cooking, I’m too tired.
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Unit Qty:
6 oz

This is not just any steak. Also known as the A5 Wagyu Zabuton, it actually translates to "little pillow" in Japanese because of its soft, tender, and marbled texture. It's a cut from the muscular chuck roll, and popular for its rich beefy flavor. Time to fire up that grill.



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