Washington Fuji Apples 4.5-5 lb

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Washington Fuji Apples 4.5-5 lb
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A big bag, each apple is big, not bad
This kind of apple is moderate in size and tastes good, and will repurchase
Potatoes with apples and red dates, moderately sweet and sour, refreshing.
Each one is big, sweet and juicy
The size is much smaller than before, and it looks quite fresh
The apples are a bit stale, eat them quickly, they are still sweet, they are puree, not crispy
Apples are crisp, sweet and slightly sour, and a large one. Not bad
The apples are very big, very fresh, with a lot of juice, very sweet, kids love
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United States
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4.5-5 lb

Washington Fuji Apples Introduction

Washington Fuji Apples are red all over, round in shape, and on average the size of a baseball. Their flesh is compact, sweeter and crisper than many other apple varieties, so they are widely loved by consumers all over the world. At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality Washington Fuji Apples at a very competitive price.

How to Store Washington Fuji Apples?

Compared with other apples, Washington Fuji Apples have a longer best before date, and they do not even need to be stored in the refrigerator. They can be stored for a long time at room temperature. If the apples are soaked in 5% salt water for 10 minutes, dried, put in a fresh-keeping bag, sealed and put in the refrigerator, the temperature is controlled at 0-4 ℃, and can be stored for more than 5 months.

History of Fuji Apples

Researchers at the Tohoku Research Station in Morioka, Japan, discovered the Fuji apple in 1939 by creating nearly 600 crosses of the Ralls Janet and Delicious apple varieties. They selected the Fuji as the best cross of the group, and commercially introduced the variety in 1958.


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