Xi’an Paomo Instant Soup 260 g

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Xi’an Paomo Instant Soup 260 g
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Reviews (42)
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Very hard! ! ! ! ! I just took a few mouthfuls before throwing it into the trash can, and the soup base was mainly vinegar. do not buy! ! !
Adding our own braised beef, the taste does have the meaning of "a bowl of back to Xi'an", will repurchase, recommended!
The steamed bun inside feels a bit hard and the soup base is good.
It means that it is cooked for 2 minutes, but it is still hard after 15 minutes of cooking
Put it in a lamb hot pot, it's delicious
I added the stewed mutton soup to it, the fungus and vermicelli that came with it were too few, I added some more, it tasted great! The child said that the bun is delicious
Xi’an Xiaochaobubu bought on sale, production date 6th issue/13/2020
It's not tasty, it's terrible. The bun is hard no matter how it is cooked, the whole taste is sour and there is no fragrance.
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Unit Qty:
260 g

Ingredients list:

   Buns: wheat flour, drinking water, sodium carbonate, high-active dry yeast

   Soup bag: spices, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, drinking water

   Grease package: palm oil, spices

   Vinegar bag: vinegar

   Sugar garlic vinegar: garlic, water, edible salt, white sugar, food additives

   Others: dried vermicelli, dried daylily, dried fungus, dehydrated vegetables

Allergens: Contains wheat.

Please store in a cool and dry place, and avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. 

Shelf life: 12 months


The soup is stored using new fresh-keeping technology. No drying and no dehydration is done making it as fresh as possible. Using vermicelli and a variety of fresh ingredients, the taste is elastic, smooth and tender, and rich in taste.


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