XinJiang JuJube 5 lb

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XinJiang JuJube 5 lb
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Reviews (31)
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It's really a big bag. Not bad, sweet and small. Now I have to think about how I want to finish it.
The pearl red dates are really beautiful and big.
It's a big bag, it can last for a long time!
Christa Deng
Red dates are one of the indispensable ingredients for soup
What a big bag! The dates are good!
It is the taste of childhood and highly recommended.
I saw the good reviews and tried it. The quality is very good. The jujube is small, but it is very sweet and the meat is small
It’s a big bag and looks good. I use red dates to cook health soup every day, and come back after eating.
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Unit Qty:
5 lb

Ingredients: XinJiang JuJube

Commodity features: The XinJiang JuJube is located in the golden fruit area of 38°40' north latitude on the east bank of the Yeerqiang River in the Tarim Basin. The temperature difference between day and night is huge, and the annual average sunshine is 4000 hours. It is a typical oasis ecological farm. The frost-free period lasts for 220 days throughout the year, and the glacier melts the water for irrigation. The unique natural conditions are suitable for the growth of jujube. It also created the excellent quality of "Bingtuan Red" Xinjiang Red Jujube.

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