Yellow Corn 1 count

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Yellow Corn 1 count
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The soup is very good and will repurchase~
Very good, very satisfied, hahahahahaha
Vicky. Hu
The corn is full and looks good
As far as the taste of ordinary corn is concerned, it's a good deal to buy at a discount
I bought five, all of them are fresh and green. After being peeled off, the size is not small, but unfortunately: the corn in the smaller one is also uneven, which is obviously different from the other four.
Rosie F
Not bad for the number of words that can be used to make soup
It is not very fresh, and three heads were moulded off and cut off. Not very sweet, there is no clear fragrance, and will not be repurchased!
Sweet corn is very delicious. It is not only fresh but also has a slight sweetness, which is very delicious. recommend!
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Yellow Corn