Yellow Dragon Fruit 4.5-5 lb

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Yellow Dragon Fruit 4.5-5 lb
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It looks quite fresh, but it's still a bit hard. Let it go for a few days.
Tiana Huang
Received a box of seven, the quality is very good. Although the taste is not as good as the Taiwanese variety, the skin is a bit thicker and the seeds inside must be larger, but the taste is indeed very sweet and delicious.
The unicorn fruit I received today is very disappointing. All eight are very green in color and seem to be immature. Compared to the golden yellow that I bought last time, it's so much worse.
Very sweet and delicious dragon fruit👍
Not as good as last time, green. Don't know how it tastes
Some are quite small. Not as beautiful as I bought before.
I received very fresh this time, sweet and juicy 👍
Ying Ma
Very fresh, full, sweet and delicious
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Unit Qty:
4.5-5 lb

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature or refrigerate.

Fruits found on the South American climbing cactus. Ok, that's cool. Of all the dragon fruits, the yellow type is the sweetest. A superior dragon fruit? You'll have to tell us the dragon winner. Take it slow though. This fruit is known to move your intestines. Powerful, indeed.

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