Yuh Ming Dried Radish 8 oz

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Yuh Ming Dried Radish 8 oz
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Reviews (204)
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The soaked preserved vegetables are cooked just right, and the preserved vegetables will be full of fragrant after frying
CoCo Lin
I just use you to make rice balls, it won’t work without you
The scrambled eggs are good, I like it very much...
I usually fried beans sprouts with this dried radish. So delicious!
I really like it with my egg rolls.
It’s very convenient. You have to wash and soak with water first
It's too salty, so I need to soak in water several times~~
It's really super unpalatable, don't buy it, don't buy it, don't buy it. I myself love to eat preserved eggs, so I am not used to it. This dried radish is not simply very salty, the water that has been soaked for a long time still has a strange smell like eating plaster. I don't know if something strange has been added. It's really unpalatable, the key is not to know if it is harmful to health.
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8 oz

Yuh Ming Dried Radish

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