Zespri Golden Kiwi 2 lb

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Zespri Golden Kiwi 2 lb
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Reviews (53)
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Repurchase for the third time, fresh and big, not bad!
wei 585
Big, fresh and will repurchase
Anna 彭婷婷
There are 8 in total. They are very hard and cannot be eaten temporarily.
Peter YE
It's delicious and very fresh. I kept eating in the refrigerator for two weeks. The results are all fresh and not soft enough to rot, The sweetness is also quite high, and the juice is a lot, Every time you finish digging, there will still be a lot of juice on the plate. The whole family is very satisfied with this order, Will repurchase
It's delicious! Anyway, gold kiwis seem to be sold everywhere. Don't hesitate to start when it's on sale
The price is too favorable! Buy a box and try it! This brand is always delicious!
Shirley Lau
It's big and delicious, and the price has risen.
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New Zealand
Unit Qty:
2 lb

No tangy green kiwi here. Golden kiwis are uniquely smooth on the outside and golden on the inside. They happen to have double the amount of Vitamin C than green kiwis. But mostly, they are so sweet. So so sweet. Once you take a bite, you'll forever be hooked to the golden type. So stay golden, my friends.

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