Zespri Golden Kiwi 1 lb

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Zespri Golden Kiwi 1 lb
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Kelly Chiu
This kiwi is not as sweet as a large golden kiwi, but it's not bad. The special price is only $3.
So sweet kiwifruit 🥝, like it, I will repurchase
王婕雯 Ada
Juice and a kiwi is great
Kelly Chiu
It's small but sweet, I thought of coming to order after eating two left
The quality is good, there are several all yellow cores in one box
Golden kiwis are very sweet and worth recommending
Not very familiar, much smaller than what Costco can sometimes buy. But it's still delicious after a few days
A bit small, but okay
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1 lb

No tangy green kiwi here. Golden kiwis are uniquely smooth on the outside and golden on the inside. They happen to have double the amount of Vitamin C than green kiwis. But mostly, they are so sweet. So so sweet. Once you take a bite, you'll forever be hooked to the golden type. So stay golden, my friends.