Zhangqilong Stringed Tofu, Double Spiced 102 g

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Zhangqilong Stringed Tofu, Double Spiced 102 g
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Reviews (78)
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Bought this again! 😍😍 It has chicken flavor and a strong szechuan pepper flavor but when mixed with noodles or rice, the flavor becomes subtle and still yummy. It has little packets so, it is easier to eat in pieces and store the rest packets.
The text on the back is so inspirational...
Niki ☠️
As you can see from the package the date has already passed, I received this on October 3rd. My love of spicy things can't be killed easily, so I still tried it.😅 I love the smell and it tasted pretty good, but it was rather oily. Also there was this after taste that was...bad (could be because mine aren't fresh, I don't know).
Carrie 耀紫
The taste of Weilong, pursue the best products
Actually it's vegetarian meat, it's delicious, not particularly spicy, and the small package is very convenient
Really good and comes with multiple packs. Texture pulls apart very similar to meat. Spicy and you can also taste the spices. Would repurchase.
This is so delicious! I thought of posting the order after eating. The price is good. It's really a good snack recommendation
This one is cheap and delicious 😋
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Unit Qty:
102 g

Ingredients list: soy protein, wheat protein, chili

Allergens: soy, wheat

Store in a cool and dry place.

The product is mainly made with vegetable protein. The making process is healthy and doesn’t use deep-frying.



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