Zhiweiguan Yangmei Juice, Frozen 386 ml

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Zhiweiguan Yangmei Juice, Frozen 386 ml
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Reviews (70)
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What a surprise! Moderately sweet and sour, very refreshing. Very real bayberry flavor
There is only a little bit of bayberry, so I won’t buy it anymore
I have not started drinking yet. I know that there is a way to drink it. Break the ice cubes and add the bayberry juice to make a glass of bayberry iced drink. Seeing others drink it well 😄 There is also a kind of bayberry juice called Juxianzhuang bayberry juice, which is also in Zhejiang From Xianju, this view of knowledge and taste also comes from Xianju.
It’s not as delicious as expected, but it really tastes like bayberry
It's really good, just the taste of bayberry, sour and slightly sweet, and delicious. Just cheaper!
Delicious! The flavor of bayberry is very strong, it tastes so refreshing this day! Will repurchase~
Ying ?
The taste is not bad, but slightly sweeter, the packaging is well designed, and it is convenient to store if you can't finish drinking it at a time.
It's delicious, sweet and sour, and the serving size is good
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386 ml

Zhiweiguan Yangmei Juice, Frozen