Mizkan Fermented Natto Soybeans, Frozen 5.93 oz

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Mizkan Fermented Natto Soybeans, Frozen 5.93 oz
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Fresh and delicious natto, often repurchased
I bought four boxes of natto while taking advantage of the discount, and each box contained three small boxes. very convenient
Kit Wang
This Japanese natto tastes very good and I have been repurchasing it
There are three small boxes. After defrosting at room temperature, stir and eat with rice, which is very healthy.
I think this brand of natto is better I added seaweed powder myself Not enough for one box 😁
C Chao
It's so convenient to buy natto without going to a Japanese supermarket by yourself!
The Japanese who started watching the live broadcast were eating with gusto, so I saw that wee was on sale, so I tried it. Who knows that it’s unpalatable to no friends 😭...
Second repurchase, healthy food, acceptable taste
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5.93 oz

Mizkan Fermented Natto Soybeans, Frozen